Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chinese New Year Wish List

Today is a lovely Chinese New Year's eve morning. Well, during we welcoming the year 2010, I didn't wish anything because I quite busy and lazy to posting as well. So, today while we welcoming the Year of Tiger (my year) I would to post up my wish list for Year of Tiger and hope it will comes TRUE...


(*) My mum & dad as well my family and friends stay in the pink of health and happily ever after.
(a) OBG Drama Studio theater piece, "你爱我吗?之一 卡门" will fully success. (Asst Director)

(b) ASWARA's PeTA (Graduation Showcase) theater, "Mulan and Mushu" will fully success (Stage Manager)
(c) ASWARA Film Faculty's Wayang Kulit Final Public Performance will fully success (Musician)
(d) "Mulan and Mushu" video promo will release successfully. (Director & Screen Writer)
(e) Maintain my CGPA pointer for this sem and so on.
(f) Write and direct my very first short film.
(g) Theater "Mulan and Mushu" can fly out from ASWARA and perform in KLPAC.
(h) Perform in Istana Budaya.
(i) Learn tradisional and comtemporary dance.
(j) Perform for a musical.
(k) Get thinner especially my face.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Being Banned

A physical theater "TANDA" by 6 directors and conduct by Abang Namron being banned from ASWARA... Suppose this theater will shows from 2nd Feb (Tuesday) till 7th Feb (Sunday) but "TANDA" can only survive in ASWARA till Thursday only... There are no more shows on this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

On Friday evening, what you can hear from ET (Experiment Theatre) is only the sound of sadness from "TANDA" family that sacrifice a lot for this show.... I really don't believe that this will happen in an arts school... Anyway, I will support the family of "RUMAH ANAK TEATER"... I appreciate everything that u guys did for the theater industry...

You can shut down the show, but you can never shut us down!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Bangsawan Laksama Cheng Ho

Bangsawan Laksamana Cheng Ho is traditional theater by ASWARA graduates from all faculities. this theater performed from 29 January to 31 January 2010 and every night shows is FULL HOUSE...!!! Congrat!!!

Two thing I don't like bout this theater :

First, the storyline. I don't think so that is the original story of Cheng Ho... I know that a storyline can be change during adaptation but this is traditional theater and not musical or modern theater. Traditional theater have to tells the history or legend correctly.

Second, the extra turn. For me, extra turn is quite annoying and destroy the whole mood of you. But what to do, this is the repertoire for Bangsawan (Malay Tradisional Theater)

But overall, I loves the setting and costumes as well especially the scene when a big ship arrive to the jetty. Really a gigantic setting. GREAT JOB!!!

**Credit to Kelly as the crew photographer**

Monday, December 21, 2009

Love You Forever

"Love you Forever" is one of a stories in Festival of Small Theater : Emotive (Teater Kecil Fasa III : EMOTIF) produced by the Theater Faculty at my university, ASWARA.

"Love You Forever" is on stage! Theater director, Dr. Wong Oi Min, is inspired by the story of the graphic novel "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch in 1986 and make it a physical theatre piece upon her interpretation on life. It tells the story of the evolving relationship between mother and son, which is very simple and yet significant in our life.

The story begins with a baby in his mother stomach and till he is born. The story then continues through the life of the boy until he is a grown man. The mother continues to rock her son to sleep singing

I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be.

Later, the role is reversed and he holds his elderly mother and says "I'll love you forever I'll like you for always as long as I'm living my Mommy you'll be." At the very end of the story, he is the father of a little girl, rocking her to sleep singing the same song that his mother used to sing to him.

A new born baby

A Playful Child

An Active Teenager

The Working Man

The Great Dad
This physical theater shows us the journey of human and relationship between mother and son... This theater makes me remind a lot of memories and it was so touching when his mother sang him "Love You Forever" everyday... I think this theater is the greatest theater ever I watch...

the cast, the crew and the director, Dr. Wong Ooi Min

Mummy and Daddy, I'll love you forever

Monday, November 30, 2009

Dance Drama ULIK ~ Between The Seen and Unseen

Dramatari or dance drama are a genre of of dance that emphasizes the dramatic elements through dance. a dance drama always holds steadfast to its libretto or book to form the basis of its performance. Dance dramas also are separate from folk or social dance or classical and court dance but may use any of the above to tell the story or according to its suitability. The genre of dance dramass became very popular in the 1970's together the performances of comtemporary theater in Malaysia. It is also possible that dance dramas were influenced by growth in the field of literature inviting dance artists to collaborate.

For the first time, my university ASWARA performs a dance drama entitile ULIK ~ Between The Seen and Unseen (ULIK ~ Raut Tak Terlihat)at ASWARA Experimental Theatre on 28 & 29 November 2009. ULIK is an adaptation from the mythology regarding the origins of the ritual healing ceremony called "Ulik Mayang" in Terengganu. ULIK tells of a love between two who come from different realms.

First time watching dramatari in in my life at my own university was so amazing and interesting. First time saw our ET (Experimental Theatre) was so colourful. Everything was great about this dramatari and they really put a lot of efforts on it... Congrat!!! for all the crews and dancers.Here I attached a video on this dramatari ULIK which the last scene of this dramatari. ENJOY!!!